Sunday, June 19, 2005

The airplane gourmand

To say that being upgraded has a certain thrill is a massive understatement. If I'd always looked forward to Economy Class food times (nowadays just for the heck of something interesting happening in the 14 long hours), Business Class mealtimes were even more special. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but oh what a refreshing thing smoked salmon is to have on the plane, accompanied by not-third rate cold sliced ham and just a delightful little quarter of grilled portobello topped with brie. Having spent most of my life in avoidance of salads, I could not identify the vinaigrette, but it was delicious. Even the Caesar dressing did not disappoint. I was surprised at the decent Chilean white that went with the meal.
The main course sent me back to earth. Of course the Japanese Bento had already been pre-ordered, pre-flight. What I got was a tough rock of a fillet mignon posing as meat, terribly overmicrowaved. The menu described the hunk of beef as wrapped by a slice of 'apple-smoked bacon'. I couldn't even tell if it were bacon, let alone apple-smoked. To add fuel to the flaming fillet was the accompaniment of insipid green beans. It was probably forgivable if not for the fact that I had already developed an aversion to them after eating dinner at a West Virginia truckstop.

Oh what the hell. I'll be critical just for the heck of it - who's really complaining when you're in Business Class heaven? :)

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