Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eating-in challenge: A week in Las Vegas

On Saturday I leave for a one-week conference trip to Las Vegas. Yes, I know it's Vegas, but as a graduate student in a state university, the trip will likely blow a hole in my pocket. Apart from the cost of the flight and hotel room for a week, I hear the food's pretty expensive for this country. I've also heard about the amazing number of great restaurants. After laying awake for hours wondering how many months of credit card debt this blitz will add up to, I started to think to what extent I could rely on some food supplies I could bring over. I mean, I know $5.99 buffets are a steal, but how much of this can you eat and then, $6 is still a lot to pay for a meal.

Besides, it's a conference, which means I need to save some moolah for good coffee!

So here I'm thinking aloud, giving myself the challenge of dreaming up ways I could bank on food from home. The challenge is to eat my own lunches this way, for six days. The other challenge, of course, is how to make food that lasts till Thursday?

Here's my evolving menu:

1. couscous salad with peas and carrots (c,w)
2. savory herb and cheese scones
3. date and walnut cake
4. dried salami
5. egg mayo salad
6. tuna salad
7. bagels, artisan bread, crackers
8. tea bags: peppermint, english breakfast
9. honey
10. cereal
11. chocolate
12. almonds
13. cereal bars
14. rice with green beans and pork


whyistheskysohigh said...

hello! it's me :) i used to make wraps, they're easy to bring around and good to fill with sandwichy things and roasted peppers and tomatoes.

i've just started a blog! at The recipes haven't been tested; I'm posting them so I remember to try them out. and if you come to London, there's a couch for you at Arminger Road! :)


Miss T said...

Cool my dears, welcome to the foodosphere! What a neat blog title too. It would be awesome to come visit you in this Arminger place, I must now find me a London conference to go to. :)