Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Month of cheese

I've been regaled with more cheese than I can handle this month. More than I deserve, in fact. I'd like to think my approach is still more cautionary, though like my alcohol tolerance, my ability to handle fromage has shot up considerably in Laos. All thanks to the messrs and mlles of the likes of Phimphone, Simuang, and Scooby Dou, the capital's finest delicatessens. And in Singapore, none other than the trusty Carrefour house brand Reflects de France.

Here is a cheese-related eat-list, for archival purposes:
A perky orange mimolette
Good n' proper brie
Goat's cheese with honey and herbes de Provence
Heavenly reblochon
The bubbling quattro formaggio pizze at Le Provencal
Savoyarde pizza: parma ham, reblochon, potatoes, creme fraiche, onions
Discount Carrefour comte
Melted emmenthal crostini

Participants in the Great Vientiane Cheese Massacre of April 2008, chez Uncle Frank.

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