Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Julie & Julia - The Movie

The official trailer for the Julie & Julia movie is out! I can't believe that I am (or used to be) a part of a movement that started as a small community that has grown to change so many people's lives. I was regularly exchanging views with bloggers that have since quit their jobs and started writing cookbooks. And meeting them in cute coffeeshops in Montmartre and surreptitiously passing them packets of polenta. When I started blogging, the Julie/Julia project had just about folded -- a year of recipes from Julia Child's cookbook, done by the end of 2003. But it wasn't until this year that I picked up Julia Powell's book. I'm usually not fond of autobiographies, but I was surfing in the most unlikely section in the bookstore when the book caught my eye. Would you believe that Julie & Julia is required reading for a university Comparative Studies course? I did not, either. There is a funny secret satisfaction fluttering about in my chest, thinking how this little movement that I was once a little part of, has been taken as far as university course required reading and a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep, for god's sake.

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