Friday, July 13, 2007

Peaches with Coconut Sorbet

You might as well call me Trader's Whore by now, judging from how half of my ingredient lists come from there. Add another: sorbet like you've never tasted before goes by the name Sharon's Sorbet, and comes in various flavors. I haven't tried most of them because I've been stubbornly loyal to Coconut. '100% coconut' my ass!, you say. But baby that's what it says on the label on that pint of goodness.

Spoon some of that on top of peeled diced peaches.

It makes for a great combo here - the sweetness of the sorbet with the sourness of peach - a distant reminder of bubor cha cha. Dang sour peaches! I want to caramelize them next, get those sugars out and dancing (no pun intended, really).

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